Altrusa District Eleven Literacy Project Database

Welcome to a tool for Altrusa District Eleven clubs and members to share ideas on Literacy projects.

Use Search the Literacy Project database tab (above) to browse projects that have already been submitted, or to search for projects by category (such as ) or by a key word or phrase (such as reading or writing).

Use Enter a Literacy Project to add a project from your own club that you would like to share.

  • Please use a descriptive Project Name that will help others understand something about your project. For example, your club members may know what your “Big Reads” project is, but it would help others to expand the name to “Entire Community is invited to read the selected book” to provide more information.
  • For your Altrusa Club Name, enter only the part that comes after Altrusa International of…
  • Please keep the Project Description concise. Start by explaining what the project is. Include key words that others might use to search for projects, such as “education” or “school” or “creative writing.” Avoid references to “last month’s meeting” or the number of years your club has done this project, so that your entry doesn’t become dated when Altrusans refer to it in the years ahead.