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Altrusa International of Southern California is a Virtual Club in Formation

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Our club is unique in its completely online structure. Members meet and connect through teleconference and e-mail to plan and participate in local and international service projects through personal and group efforts. Altrusa International of Southern California seeks community-minded individuals to become Altrusans, joining an international network of 10,000 members to improve our communities worldwide while having fun. Being an Altrusan is a win-win. While helping others, you develop leadership skills and build everlasting friendships.

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ABOUT OUR CLUB: Altrusa is an international non-profit organization making our local communities better through leadership, partnership, and service.

As a young chapter, we are seeking volunteers to join our organization and make a difference. Our members are from varying occupations and lifestyles, all sharing an interest in community service and enjoying the friendship, fun and satisfaction that comes from working together for the benefit of others.

Connect with us to learn more about joining and how together we can impact our Community.>

Machi-ko AC is a nonprofit in Mexico that supports the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Tarahumara in Chihuahua, MX. The tribes’ practices in growing their crops has become obsolete as their climate has changed drastically over the years. The mission of Machi-ko AC is to help the tribes become self-sustainable again while retaining their culture and traditions by teaching them new ways of agriculture and raising livestock, building trade between the tribes, and bringing them renewable energy sources and drinking water. Their newest plans include building a kindergarten with curriculum based on community and sustainability and developing a suicide prevention program as they have the highest rate of youth suicide in Mexico due to the lack of income, jobs, and a sense of purpose. We want to donate building supplies and education materials for their school, along with 40 solar energy Luci Lights so the children may learn at all hours of the day.

Link to Machi-ko AC website

Esperanza Casa de Retiro

Esperanza Casa de Retiro is a retirement home in Ensenada, MX.

What was originally planned to be a fun place to retire became a home for sick elderly as the residents aged.

Projects for the Senior Retirees

Esperanza Casa de Retiro

We want to support these seniors by equipping them with medical supplies, such as oxygen converters and glucose strips and meters; creating a more comfortable environment with waterproof mattresses and hospital beds; and protecting their health with medical masks, gloves, and everyday cleaning supplies.

Comisión Unidos is a nonprofit in Mexico fully funded by private donations that focuses on helping those affected by human trafficking. They currently house 79 girls and boys in Mexico City, Colima, and Tijuana. They partner with the court system to identify children in need and provide a shelter for them as wards of the court. While at the shelters, the children are provided with prosecutors for their cases, socio-emotional support, social activities, and education. They also help the children build a support system for when they are no longer living in the shelter through supervised visits with their family and friends. Upon graduation, Comisión Unidos secures them apartments. Some of the graduates have gained college degrees, work for the court system, and one has become a professional chef. The organization also has an advocacy role, educating people about human trafficking and abuse through workshops at schools and conferences. We want to provide these children clothes, education materials, and read-aloud books for English learners.

Link to Comision Unidos